Set State in Callbacks in React

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In React, you can setup components that fetch their own data and set their own state with that data. Because of the async nature of data fetching, you’ll have to make sure to keep things cleaned up to avoid the error of trying to set state in an unmounted component.


Bower Resolutions

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When you specify dependencies for you app via Bower, some of the packages might rely on different versions of the same library. You will have to resolve what version of libraries your app actually wants. In other words, you break the tie. But you don’t want to break it every time, so save your choice.


Detecting Window Closing in Ember

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In a long-running app such as you might build in Ember, it can be useful to detect when the window is closing. This is easily detected with JavaScript, and there are easy places to put the code in your Ember app.

Ember beforeunload

Ng-Conf Review

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Ng-Conf just happened last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was awesome. Oh blast, I blew the punch line. Anyway, here’s my take.