Deploy Create-react-app to Heroku on Node.js

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Create-react-app is Facebook’s no-config solution to starting a React project. This setup does not support a server out of the box. You can create that easily enough. Node.js can be a good choice for your app server. Once it’s made and functioning, you might want to deploy your static app and app server. Here’s a few tips on getting them up onto Heroku.

Create-react-app on Heroku

DateTime in F#

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I’ve said jokingly, when coding through date/time-related problems, someone could do a PhD on this stuff. Surely they have. It can get complicated. Here are a few core facts related to Utc time and the usage of .Net’s System.DateTime and System.DateTimeOffset classes that you may find useful.


Debug.log in Elm Pipes

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There aren’t many functions in the standard lib for elm that create side effects. Elm’s Debug.log is one of those exceptions. It logs to the console. Here’s how it’s setup to make console logging whilst piping easier that patting your head whilst rubbing your tummy.

elm debug.log

Strange Loop and Elm Conf 2016 Review

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Here’s a quick conference review and some highlight bullets from some of my favorite parts. It was my first time going to Strange Loop. It was also host to the first Elm Conf ever. I was excited to go to both. I was looking for new, eclectic content to consider. I was not disappointed.

strange loop and elm-conf

Handle Errors in a Node App

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As with any software, here you can expect the unexpected. Node apps experience errors as well. Let’s say that an error crops in our Node API – what should we do about it?


Return an Array in GraphQL

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GraphQL provides a query language to define the shape of data you’d like returned from an HTTP API on a server and a library to help make it happen. It’s easy to return a single item or multiple items.


Testing Es2015 Riot Tags

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Getting riot.js setup for development isn’t too bad. But the combo of language features, testing tools, and riot templates made setting up the test environment a bit trickier than I expected. Here are some of the details.

riot tag testing

Depending on a Shared Lib

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You build a product. Someone else builds a shared lib. You want to use the shared lib in your app for its apparent utility. There come new features that the product team wants to adjust and add to your product. The shared lib provides utility that is related to these new features but does not provide these new features per se.

a shared lib