React-dnd With Text Drag Preview

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react-dnd is a fantastic library for implementing drag and drop features in a React application. In browsers, you have the ability to specify a drag preview for the thing your dragging. Images are easy. Text takes more work – because you need to generate an image.

react-dnd text drag previews

Make Your Project Fun

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You work every day. It’s a part of life. It’s a good part of life, and you have the power to make it better. Ever since you were young child, you knew what the magic ingredient was: fun!


Change Default NPM License

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Npm has a fantastic init tool for creating the descriptor for your project. It will gladly provide defaults for you. These are sometimes helpful. Wouldn’t it be more better to define your own defaults?


Selecting a Directory in Electron

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Electron will help you make some sweet native desktop apps using web tech. Now that you’re on the desktop, one of the cool things you can do is access the filesystem. There are a couple ways to access the filesystem via the file open dialog using user input events.


Determining the Health of Your Culture

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Culture will emerge after a group of people attempt to solve problems again and again in a certain way. This “way” becomes the culture. If you are deliberate in your choices on how to solve problems, you will be deliberate in creating a culture. Once you have a culture in mind and are working toward it or trying to maintain it, how do you determine how healthy it is? Clay Christensen has a simple question you can ask yourself.

Healthy culture

Bring Your Listeners With You

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Remember that last time that you spoke at a conference and really felt like you had connected with your audience? You were able to keep them with you for the length of your journey. You felt like they grew and were enlightened with you. There’s a certain magic to that, and there’s also some deliberate thought you can give the experience that will help it happen more often.


Console.log Deep Objects

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With deep object structures, console.log can leave you wondering what’s down in the depths of the objects you’re printing out. Here’s a quick help from Node stdlib.

console.log deep objects

Gitignore System Files

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There are many files that you don’t want to store in your project’s Git repo. Some of these are even specific to the project. Some are definitely not. How do you ignore these that aren’t related to the project?

Git ignore

Working More Might Not Help Our Team

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Some have surmised that working more will help their team. It may. It may not. It depends. Here’s just one collection of thoughts on how working significantly more than the rest of our team might not help and may actually hinder.

Rise together as a team