Some Node Skills to Explore

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We are hiring a bunch of Node.js developers at the moment. You may be as well. I’m sure you have a good list of skills that you’re looking for in developers that join your posse. Here are a few technical things I think about when getting the opportunity to sit down with a Node developer.

Exploring Node Skills

Test APIs Failing From Client

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In the case where you can’t edit a local version of your APIs in order to cause them to fail, you need to be able to edit your client so that it looks like the API request fails. Here’s a quick code change that should make this easy for you.

We have a problem

What React Stateless Components Are Missing

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Stateless React components got a new syntax in React 0.14. It’s much simpler. It’s just a function call. Besides it just looking simpler, there are some major differences in what is available in a stateless component written this way. There are some things missing – purposefully not included – that you may be used to. Let’s look at a few things.

Debug Locally in Elm

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Debugging in Elm is easy once you know where to look. You need an in-browser tool to help you. It’s almost as simple as just calling console.log, but you can’t just put your logging statement anywhere.

elm debug locally

Update Body Class in React

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React gives us a great component abstraction. Each of these components represents a node in the DOM. Each component is self contained, doesn’t talk up the component hierarchy directly and passes explicit data and code down the hierarchy. But what about when you have a React app that wants to reach out and modify something it doesn’t control?

react modify body tag

In Favor of Codenames

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It seems to be a recurring discussion in the companies I have worked for: should we use a codename for this project or not? These are software projects. The codenames are used on things as basic as the repository name or slack channel. Later, they might be used in many other project-related things like the build server configuration. The alternative for a codename is calling the thing exactly what it is. Where’s the fun in that?

project codenames

React Rally Review

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React Rally is a developer conference created around the library of React.js and the community that uses it. It was the first of its name. It was the first React-centric conference in Salt Lake City. I had a great time. Here are a few of reasons I liked it.

react rally

I Love CSS Modules

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I heard a fantastic yesterday by Glen Maddern where Interoperable CSS was well-illustrated as the fantastic CSS language advancement that it is. I was happy to hear hushed ooo’s and ahh’s from the audience as they realized the power of what they were seeing. I have been enjoying the benefits of CSS modules myself and my team and would share some of my favorite features in hopes that others will be inclined to use this feature as well. Cleanse the world of global stylesheets!

i love css modules

Make Software in the Estuary

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An estuary is where the sea meets the river. Here, there is a mix of fresh water and salt water, sediment from the rivers and marine life from the sea. The effects of both sea and river are seen in many ways. It’s a swirl – there’s no upstream or downstream. It’s considered to be one of the most nutrient-rich, productive ecosystems on the planet. So really, who wouldn’t want to make software in an estuary?

the software estuary