Jake Trent

The Art of Invisibility

I read daily stories that break about data breaches of consumer services or mass surveillance of your activity online or in the real world by governments and corporations. We live in a privacy compromised world. In this book, Mitnick seems to confirm that, showing the unlikely lengths that one has to go to in order to be anonymous online. Otherwise, you simple believe that every thing you do is observed. There are levels of privacy enhancement in between, simple acts of removing hardware, software from your life or engaging max-level privacy options. For an average person, this is likely the level of responsibility desired.

Create strong, unique-to-service passwords. Store them securely, preferrably in an encrypted password manager. Access the Internet on trusted networks over secure protocols, encrypted end-to-end. Turn off unused wifi, bluetooth, or cellphones. Keep your hardware in secure, trusted locations. Separate your online personal life from your other lives, such as your employment. These are general take-aways, but there are specifics that are important and easy to slip up on that I feel I already need a refresher on after reading the book.