Jake Trent

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life

The companion book to 12 Rules for Life, which was also good, was very good. 12 Rules was more approachable, I think. And it was more evenly appealing to me.

But herein 12 More Rules, there were a couple really good chapters:

  • Rule 4. Notice that opportunity lurks where responsibility has been abdicated
  • Rule 5. Do not do what you hate
  • Rule 6. Abandon ideology
  • Rule 8. Try to make one room in your house as beautiful as possible
  • Rule 10. Plan and work diligently to maintain the romance in your relationship

Some of my scribblings:

Rule 4

Seek responsibility that will push you. This will be a purpose for you that will draw out happiness.

Rule 5

To thine own self be true. The good (or bad) we do has broader influence than we give credit. Be self reliant. This will increase your courage.

Rule 6

The way -isms (ideologies) are born. Ideologies explain the complex, usually too simplistically. This makes them attractive to adherents.

Beware intellectuals who make a monotheism out of their theories.

Rule 8

Noticing the details of life connect us with reality. Children do. This is a reason for our childhood nostalgia – we had full experiences.

Artists teach us new methods of perception. Children are awake to detail and delight in the beauty of the world.

Rule 9

We remember what we could have been. Our assumptions structure our world.

Rule 10

Imagine what life would be like if you were a better person than you are.

We have a finite number of experiences left in life with a person.

Because we are frightened by not getting what we want, we keep our desires vague.

True trust, not naive trust, is courage. The deeper the trust, the deeper possibility of romance.

You do not find as much make the optimal person. This is a cruel act of love.

Negotiation goes beyond “I don’t know”.

The perspective of life and children.

How will I negotiate and organize the mundane parts of life. These are large parts.

Rule 11

Is possibility more or as real as actuality? Embrace the difficulties of life so that fewer of them show up for you (eg, education).

Invite the Evil Queen into your child’s life. Strengthen them against naivete.

Rule 12

Gratitude in suffering is courage because we know life has been and will be challenging.

Someone who has died wants most to not cause grief to those left behind. To drown in grief is not love but betrayal. We should be as strong as we can for the sake of the dead and the strengthening of those who remain.

And a few thoughts:

Revelation is individually received, but it’s a general pattern. Eg, shared religious faith

“Tyranny grows slowly, and asks us to retreat in comparatively tiny steps.”