Jake Trent

The Boy Crisis

This book caught my attention in an era where the vast majority of public conversation is about the assistance of the fairer sex – to bring women equal rights and opportunity. And so this book, which referenced the crises that men find themselves in and the focus that might be applied to them in their specific need, was interesting. Men and boys face challenges, as do all, but are statistically less proficient in school, more prone to ADHD and suicide, and are unsure of purpose in a changing world.

I also wanted to read this book as reassurance of my worth and need as a father. Mr. Farrell tells about the great need of fathers in showing the differences in the life of all people, and especially boys, when a father is present vs. absent in the life of another. I have my own father to be grateful for. I have a lot to do to try and bless the lives of my own children.

If you’re interested in this kind of thing, the book is long, but full of examples and studies of the challenges facing men and boys that we ignore at their peril and that of the collective society.