Jake Trent

Company of One

Extreme, always-on growth doesn’t have to be the answer to every problem. This is comforting, because the growth can be exhausting, and it’s good to hear about an alternate strategy.

What I learned:

  • End of Ch. 4 - Take notes
  • Ch. 5 - Use focus sprints; turn off slack; 23 minutes required to re/gain focus
  • Ch. 6 - Learn into personality; mad people aren’t the customers you want anyway; personality stands out and is irreplaceable
  • Ch. 7 - Retention is more important than acquisition; make your existing customers happy; give personal support
  • Ch. 8 - Scalable products are those that require little management; one-time fees are preferrable
  • Ch. 9 - Share all you know; Associate yourself with a subject; build real and perceived expertise
  • Ch. 10 - Connect with users instead of collecting “live” metrics; follow up with buyers, and ask them for referrals and sharing
  • Ch. 11 - Launch fast, then iterate; Before launch, you have learned nothing; In time, offer services before products
  • Ch. 12 - Customers are special people; treat buyers; share and connect long term; keep up with professional relationships, don’t work alone
  • Ch. 13 - Help people, then do business; launch asap, then evolve; establish a clear purpose in your mind for wanting a company