Jake Trent

If You Want to Write

The subtitle is “A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit”. And that’s what this book has meant to me. It’s an injunction to free myself and be true to what I feel and have to say. I am excited by this feeling, as applied to the art that I enjoy to create: what I want to say and depict and experience in the making.

The book is a great example of what Ms. Ueland intends to teach. I am swept up in it, and there is no wonder it this book being highly recommended for what it teaches. The words are alive and true, as she describes. I get the feeling that she is a writer, that she does have an ear for what she desires and believes and has gathered inspiration and her own thought that will help us all get a little closer to it ourselves.

The book reverently talks about many of the quips of William Blake and how he lived his life devoted to art. This has increased my own fascination of him.

The outcome of the book, for me, is energy and desire to create. What a heavenly book in that regard. I am thankful to have this positive push in the direction of new and original creation.