Jake Trent

In the Thick of It: Raising Sons to be Men of Unyielding Conviction in a Culture of Confusion

I appreciate the title of the book because I am in the middle of such an endeavor and the subject commands my attention.

Here are a few thoughts from the book:

  • Care about what God thinks, not what the Internet thinks. He is the source of truth and our final judge.
  • See yourself as a parent with a responsibility for a child’s development, not just as another friend.
  • Help your boys develop the best aspects of manhood in yourself and role model men around them.
  • Discipline with love. Boys need both.
  • Teach honor of parents and adults, not just social niceties.
  • Provide inspiration through messaging of truths, in opposition to the many untruths about themselves and life that boys receive daily.
  • Parents of boys are in the thick of it, figuring it out, and need help from God.

Obviously these are good bits. They are extracted from an already-short book. But it could have been shorter. The writing style isn’t particularly engaging. It would probably work better as a short sermon, which I imagine is Mr. Cruise’s better strength.