Jake Trent

The Infinite Game

The infinite game is taking the long view in business.

This is Sinek’s latest book. It’s not as good as Start With Why or Leaders Eat Last in my opinion. At least this reading didn’t inspire me quite like those did.

Be he does share truths and insight that are worthwhile to review.

There is a purpose beyond money – in life, and there should be in our businesses. If we know what our cause is, we can focus on and build toward that. We shouldn’t sacrifice the long term for the short term. It’s easier to perform to a mission over the long term as a private company. Then we don’t have a quarterly clamor from market investors. We should be inspired to be better by rivals – the place that we play together is not zero sum. We should perform to ethics, not just the letter of the law. We should remember to be good for people and for our cause. If we can react to changing conditions, we’ll be able to evolve to serve our cause in the future.