Jake Trent

The INFJ Writer: Cracking the Creative Genius of the World's Rarest Type

When I heard of this book, I had recently tested as an INFJ type in a personality type. I always wonder how much stock to put in those things. The test I took also informed me that INFJ was the rarest personality type, accounting for some small percentage of the whole population. And then this book connected INFJ personalities to writing, and I love to write. So, maybe this book would help me figure out why my tested personality type is rare and why I like to write. Having finished the book, I’m not sure that I’m all that much clearer on either point.

But the book was interested on a couple levels. There were things I could nod my head to and remark that I do identify with aspects of INFJ. This includes things like being able to easily relate to people on a deep, personal level, wanting to get away from the cruft of empty conversation. It includes the feeling that I want to be true to my geniune self in everything, including what I do for a living, seeking for motivation and environment that lets me contribute from that self instead of in service of some lesser purpose. Anyway, so there are interesting bits.

The book didn’t wrap my attention. It was a bit of a chore. It was too autobiographical at times. It contained foul language at times.

In the end, I got some good highlights to review, but I won’t need to pick up the book again.