Jake Trent

Raising Up a Family to the Lord

The most important and demanding job in life is to raise a family. Raising a family so that each member desires to be faithful to the Lord, Jesus Christ, through his or her life is even more important and more exacting. A loving father and mother can’t and won’t force any child into serving a Lord that they haven’t known or understood. But they can provide the environment and opportunity where loving invitations and clear teachings have the opportunity to affect hearts. Changes hearts will happen internally. I think that’s why we raise a family to the Lord. He has the power to change people. We testify of Him and turn our own hearts and our childrens’ hearts to Him. Then we rely on Him to mold us and guide us, changing us for the better.

As far as the book goes, it’s great. The subject matter is of greatest import. The stories shared are inspiring, and I appreciate the personal examples from Elder Cook’s family. This is a book I need to re-read as I struggle to raise a family with their own morale compass pointing them toward the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ.