Jake Trent

Retire Inspired: It's Not an Age; It's a Financial Number

Retirement is not an age that happens to you. It’s a dream that you envision and work toward until you obtain it.

Chris Hogan wants us to realize that retirement’s coming. We don’t have a choice about that. But we do have a choice in how retirement looks to us. He encourages us to define our dream well so that we know what we’re looking for. This book is about 50% inspiration, where Chris is just trying to get us to listen to him and get in gear for retirement.

There are also some good tactical portions to the book as well. He doesn’t get into stock picks or super-specific investing advice. He does lay out some good sections on what to do in every decade of your life. He teachs broad investment categories and insurances.

He has plenty of illustrating stories from people in his family or whom he has counseled that are motivating. He wraps up with a great section on how important investing in the relationships in our lives is. If we don’t have people to enjoy retirement with, all the work won’t pay off like we hope it will.