Jake Trent

This is Lean: Resolving the Efficiency Paradox

This is a process improvement book, so it’s a bit dry. But it’s probably the best book of this kind that you’ll ever read. It gets to business. It’s a small book. It speaks in clear terms, avoiding jargon. It is dense and to the point. It has clarifying examples and real-world examples. It has funny little pencil drawing illustrations.

The power of efficiency can be brought to a business context, as is usual and the assumption of the book. You can also envision the principles as applying to one’s own personal life. Life is short and there is much to do. How might we be efficient there?

Flow efficiency is the shining star of lean. Flow efficiency is a specific type of efficiency, separate from resource efficiency. Resource efficiency is when those creating value are busy, always engaged, 100% utilized. Flow efficiency is when the value that is being created gets from beginning to end as well as possible, delivering value to customers, released into the wild, done.

The book has examples to compare the two and help illustrate the value of focusing on flow efficiency and realizing a lean operations strategy within your own organization.