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How to Choose a Key in React

The React prop of key is a special attribute that’s used by the library to keep track of nodes within a list. There are a few guidelines that can help in selecting an appropriate key value.

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Event Handler Naming in React

Naming’s a hard problem, right? Well, coming up with the names can be hard. After that, it’s just a simple matter of typing. Here are a few of my naming conventions for React or even handling in general.

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Pause in Redux Saga

Your code running too fast? Do you just want a timing offset for some reason? If you have a long-running, complicated action that you’re running already, it’s likely you’re using the fantastic redux-saga. Here’s a way to pause execution with a redux-saga-managed action.

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Accessibility Audit in Chrome

Did you know that you can run an accessibility audit on your site from Chrome? Simply add a Chrome extension, read the errors and warnings, and you’re on your way to fixing the issues.

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Convert a Database to Markdown

Once you get a bunch of data that you want to put on your site, it’s common to reach for a database. Then you’ll write an app that consumes that database and renders a dynamic site. What if, instead, you could create a static site from that data. What would that buy you?

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Continuous Delivery of a Static Site

Continuous delivery allows for you to release often what you are always developing. This is even possible on a static site where we might not be hiding in-development features but content and visual styles. Here is a strategy for doing that, executing in Hugo.

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Conversion from Octopress to Hugo

Several weeks ago, I decided it was time for me to move on from Octopress. It’s given me a good run. But there were a couple of causes that pushed me over the edge. My experience has been good with a few pains in the conversion.

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Deploy create-react-app to Heroku on Node.js

Create-react-app is Facebook’s no-config solution to starting a React project. This setup does not support a server out of the box. You can create that easily enough. Node.js can be a good choice for your app server. Once it’s made and functioning, you might want to deploy your static app and app server. Here’s a few tips on getting them up onto Heroku.

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