Jake Trent

In Leadership

Anatomy of a Blog Post

These are the bits that going into making up one of my blog posts. I make decisions on each of these points and create something that is hopefully useful and satisfying to me and an artifact to share that others might draw inspiration or help from as well.

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Rhythm and Rest

Humans are not machines. Energy will deplete, and in our rhythm of living, we must be able to rest and recover.

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Cut the Chatter

You may want to chime in on chat or Slack at any time of the day, like late at night. Choose not to, and lead a better life, build a better company.

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The Invisible Leader

It is refreshing when your leader is not the center of your work. Rather, it’s the purpose that is clear. Your leader is almost invisible.

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When Product & Developers Talk

Some product managers may see devs as a roadblock to getting good product. Some devs may view product as arbitrary and authoritarian. Without communication, early and often, it’s easy to see why these perceptions persist. Perhaps we can have better conversations instead.

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Devops Asks a Lot

Devops is a mindset and a practice that asks a lot. Engineers must learn a two worlds of ops and dev. This encourages some good things, and needs to be tempered in order to be more realistict.

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First Rebels, Then Visionaries

You are just doing what you think is best. You might not go with the flow. You might go against the grain. For this, you gain a bit of a reputation as a rebel. Later, that might change. It may be found that you indeed a visionary.

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You Might Be Inspiring Someone

When you don’t feel very proud of your personal performance, it can be easy to believe that what you have done is not worth much. Sometimes we may be surprised to find out that our work was more impactful or had been more meaning than we otherwise thought.

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