In Review

Here’s a quick conference review and some highlight bullets from some of my favorite parts. It was my first time going to Strange Loop. It was also host to the first Elm Conf ever. I was excited to go to both. I was looking for new, eclectic content to consider. I was not disappointed.

React Rally is a developer conference created around the library of React.js and the community that uses it. It was the first of its name. It was the first React-centric conference in Salt Lake City. I had a great time. Here are a few of reasons I liked it.

I recently had a chance to go through the principles of the 12-Factor App as listed on It’s written by some of the fine folk at Heroku. The principles describe the best practices they see for how to get a modern web app deployed properly. It’s a short read. This summary is even shorter.

Ng-Conf just happened last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was awesome. Oh blast, I blew the punch line. Anyway, here’s my take.

Starting tends to be one of the biggest hurdles that we must jump in order to find out what awesome we really have inside of us and let it shine. In the book Start by Jon Acuff, he gives great motivation and tactical steps for starting to find our awesome. It’s a hilarious, inspiring, and practical guide.