Electron Fundamentals

A course to engage your web tech skills in native desktop app dev

Things you'll learn

  1. Determine what Electron is, where its sweet spot is, and what it's best at.

  2. Get basic Electron setup running using all basic tech. Introduce inter-process communication.

  3. Learn highlight Electron APIs. Use each in a small project.

  4. Combine your Electron skills in a fun and interesting project.

  5. Get your app ready for distribution. Test on different operating systems.

  6. Total time
    1h 50m

Catch a preview

Watch the course

It was fun to make. I think it'll be fun for you to watch and code. Let's learn a bit together.

Easy to get started

npm install electron-prebuilt

If you know how to npm install, you know how to get started with Electron. You use the same tools you're used to in a web tech stack. Write JS in Node style and write UIs in HTML and CSS.

Jump right into coding the basics in the second module

Awesome APIs to try

You'll get to make a number of small projects so you can try out some of the awesome APIs that Electron provides or supports. Each will expand your imagination and capability of what you can create with Electron.

  1. Inter-process Communication

  2. Application Menus

  3. System Tray

  4. Clipboard

  5. Global Shortcuts

  6. Screenshot

  7. Child Processes

  8. Webcam

  9. WebGL

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