Go with the

Download the Demo

Grab the files for yourself so you can follow along.

Github files

Demo files are provided as-is, but they should be a handy reference and in a working state so that you can see the principles and examples of the course in action on your own machine.

Download 'em, start from scratch like I do in the course and follow along or cut and paste key bits at milestones in the project. Whatever suits you!

To really lock in your learning, hands-on application is key.

Our Project

Together we build a web application that is a choose your own adventure game, entitle "Galactic Pigs: A Prelude". It is the lore and background story for a tabletop game that the Cub Scouts I lead designed. Pigs were always meant to be galactic.

It is a simple web application, essentially all UI (but the same Flow skills apply to Node). We start from the very beginning so you don't miss anything in how to setup and run your own projects with Flow. We use what are meant to be generic tools and libraries (not the latest hotness) so they don't become the focus of the course and to see that Flow is usable across many different JavaScript libraries.

Join me and code along !