Color Picker in Linux

Here's how to access the color picker in Linux

I recently wrote a post on how to access a color picker in Win 11. Felt like this might be a good counter to that.

Slick Picker: pick-colour-picker

It's Linux: there are a bajillion options here. For one, try ColourPicker. First, install with snap:

snap install pick-colour-picker

Open it with the pick-colour-picker command. Pick some colors, paste some rgbs, write it in your journal.

Capture from Image: gpick

There's another tool, gpick, that has a cool feature: it can pick colors automatically from an image. This can be cool when creating a color scheme based on an image, like a wallpaper.


sudo apt install gpick

Open, with gpick command, then navigate to: Tools > Palette from image, then open an image. You can auto-pick 3, 4, 5 or more essential colors from the image.