Fullstack Dreams

Developers and managers dream of fullstack developers.

The Manager's Fullstack Dream

A manager wants fullstack developers to fulfill a dream. He'll be able to staff any project. He'll be able to recruit from the widest talent pool. He'll be able to replace any developer with any other. He'll be able to predict timelines and production easily for any sort of work. He can easily shuffle his product teams. His job of planning and organizing is made easier.

Will this manager see his dream fulfilled in a team full of fullstack developers?

The Developer's Fullstack Dream

A developer wants to be fullstack in order to fulfill his dream. He wants to be able to do anything that's asked of him. He wants to learn all the things. He doesn't want to be left out of cool experiences. He sees cool things across all domains and techs and wants to be involved. He doesn't want limitations. He wants to fit in with everyone. He wants to pass any interview.

Will this developer see his dream fulfilled when he is deemed fullstack?

Whose Dream?

Dreams are things we want because once they're fulfilled, we think we'll be fulfilled -- things will be better. If we consider this fullstack dream, is this what we, our peers, our managers, or our companies, really want? Once a manager has a team of fullstack devs, is it really what he wants? Once a developer sees himself as or is seen by others as a fullstack developer, is it really what he wants?

Will a manager have a high-functioning team that can rise to any occasion? Will the developer now be producing the work he is most proud of? Will a developer have gained any autonomy, attained greater mastery, or realized greater purpose in his work? Will feelings of satisfaction be increased? Will better work be done?

What do you think?