The Invisible Leader

It is refreshing when your leader is not the center of your work. Rather, it's the purpose that is clear. Your leader is almost invisible.

At the Center of it All

Some leaders seem to crave the spotlight A portion of the service the company provides is really a service to the leader. It all seems very self-aggrandizing. It's as if such a person see themselves at the center of the universe, their company aligned to meet their whims. Even in the work we end up doing, it can feel all about this leader. We are just satellites, lucky to be in orbit for the ride. We're there to be called into action unexpectedly and unprepared to meet some demanding vision that we have yet to understand or identify with.

Almost Invisible

Some leaders are very different. They see a purpose larger than themselves and share it with us. We now own it with them, creating intrinsic motivation within ourselves to work towards it. Now with this seed of inspiration, we can work together. Our leaders don't exert gravity over us, pointing our efforts toward only the things they've thought of or they're involved in or that might serve them. Instead, they're not in the way of the purpose at all; we feel like they're almost invisible. We are grateful they are not begging for our admiration. Instead we admire their commitment to a greater purpose and for not pointing to themselves. It's refreshing to work for and with such a leader.