Motivation Within You to Act

We find motivation in many ways. Some motivations will prove to be more reliable than others. There are barriers to start and keep going -- to act. Sometimes looking within ourselves for motivation will be more helpful than other sources. We can be better able to put ourselves out there and make of our lives what we desire.

Various Motivations

We have various motivations for doing good things. Some are very healthy. We may want to be generous to others in offering time or talent. We may feel an obligation or responsibility in the care of others.

Some might not be very healthy. We may seek our own success and recognition (coupled with a constant fear of failure). We may seek only to please someone else, worried about their opinion and measuring up, but with no real love for that person or relationship.

The Barrier of the Crowd

Often there are barriers to what we desire to do. We may be stymied, stuck, making no progress or not daring to start. Barriers might include fear of failure or judgement or lack of expertise or confidence. These are barriers originate from the crowd, or those people around us.

Perhaps we know these people. Perhaps they are the imagined faceless masses. Perhaps these barriers are based on some painful past or on some imagined future. Perhaps this dissuading crowd is voiced inside our own mind.

When other motivations might not be sufficient to get us started or keep us going, sometimes the motivation of doing it for oneself will be enough to help us break through.

Putting Yourself Out There

It's difficult to put ourselves out there. We become vulnerable. We show more of our true self.

A few of my efforts as of late have required reaching for the motivation of doing that thing just for myself. One of those things is this very blog. Who will care what I write? Perhaps I'll write something stupid? Maybe no one will be wowed withthe content. And the answers are possibly: no one will care; yes, I'll make tons of mistakes; and the content won't connect with anyone. What then? I'm left to why I want to write it. Will I do it anyway? Will I do it for myself?

I happen to like to write. Is it important that anyone read it? It's certainly exciting when they do and when gratitude and feedback are given. But even if no one does, I get to write about what I want to think about. In the process, I get to formulate my thoughts more clearly. I have a good experience, and I'm proud of what I have created for myself, and I focus on that instead of the crowd.

How Will It Help?

In focusing on doing the thing for yourself, you might actually do the thing! In addition, what are the other benefits?

I believe it can be a more reliable, longer-lasting motivation. For instance, when others aren't reading, you'll still choose a subject and write a blog that you, yourself cares about. You will help yourself not be fixated on the judgement of others. You'll be able to more freely express and do what you actually stand for. You will help yourself avoid comparison and measurement of yourself against others. You will help yourself see the innate value of what you're doing. You will help yourself be insulated from fear, free to grow.

What a great opportunity! What great opportunities we have every day if we'll only silence the voices in our head, the voices in the crowd, and do what we'd like to do in our lives.

How do you motivate yourself to break through the barriers that the crowd might put in your mind and do things you, yourself cares about?