React Rally 2017 Takeaways

Some short, one-liners on take-aways from each of these great talks.

Day 1

Day 2

  • iam_preethi - we were all beginners once, so remember those feelings, have empathy, and help beginners

  • czaplic - asking if React or Elm is better is not the best question because they both contain great ideas

  • left_pad - get involved in OSS, where we're just people that need others' help

  • sugargreenbean - enterprise software means those that are persistent, fast, usable

  • thelarkinn- understanding webpack and its series of plugins will allow you to be able to contribute

  • cmatheson - batch load queries in graphql

  • daajust - setState has to be async in react

  • davidkpiano - Declaring ui as state machines be cleaner

  • carakuei - postMessage can allow incisive migrations from legacy to new systems.

  • mxstbr - when you make something, ask yourself if it could be open source.

The Conference

The Conference was a blast, as usual. Another stellar line up of speakers. Well-balanced schedule. Nice venue that worked well. No snafus. No awkward q&as. Nice people. Warm crowd. Lots and lots of great content. Thanks, Jamison and Matt, for the epic conference!