Record Screen as Gif on Mac

Gifox is a great tool for recording your screen as a gif on a Mac.

Power of an Animation

A picture is worth a thousand words. Put some extra frames in, and multiply the worth. Sometimes an animated gif is awesome to have because it shows an interaction or a progression and not just a static state.

When filing a bug report, for instance, it can be worth a lot to see the interaction actually happen. You can include steps to reproduce the particular bug in youor gif. Demoing a responsive interaction in your UI to your designer can be easily done in a gif. Obviously, any motion or animation work that you're working on, from complex keyframes to simple hover states, can benefit from a gif when trying to communicate to others.

motion gif example


Enter Gifox, a tool for Mac only that costs $5. It's a nice little tool that sits in the top menu bar, ready for quick capture.

To use it, you select either an area on your screen or an entire window to record. Once you press play, you are capturing the animation. When you're done, press stop, and the gif will render.

gifox dropdown ui

You'll see all recent gifs in a convenient dropdown for easy location. So add another gif to your next bug report or Internet communication. Besides funny, they can also be very useful.

What other tools do you use for gif work?