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Ng-Conf Review

Ng-Conf just happened last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was awesome. Oh blast, I blew the punch line. Anyway, here’s my take.

Disable ngClick

Angular’s ngClicks can be attached to anything. This makes it easy to add interactivity to elements on the DOM. Your program might require that these click callbacks be disabled at certain points, such as during form processing. ngClick doesn’t have a toggle built in. Let’s build one that might help.

Preload Route Data in Angular

It’s sometimes useful to be able to preload or resolve data previous to an Angular view being displayed. Such was the case recently for our current user object. It simplified a lot of things in the app to have the guarantee of a loaded current user previous to displaying pages. The Angular router has a great mechanism built in to do just this sort of thing, called resolve.


ngStyle Background

ngStyle is the directive used to set inline style attributes with AngularJs. Most of the time, it’s straightforward to use. background css attributes can be just slightly trickier.