Jake Trent

Tag: Art

The JakeTrent.com Logo

A logo is an essential part of a brand or image. For me, I like something iconic that is captured through an eye catching image that is simple and elegant. Logos have to be one of the visual elements that I enjoy watching others’ creativity in the most. For JakeTrent.com, one of the goals has been to write on it more and customize it less. So, far I’ve met that goal. But I really couldn’t let this otherwise nice LivingJournal theme sit without adding a bit of pizazz of my own. So, here’s how I created the logo.

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Paper by FiftyThree

Have you ever showed up in the App Store looking for an app in a particular category and been overwhelmed at the number of choices present? This is certainly the case for the drawing and art app category. But, there is at least one art app that stands out clearly from the others: “Paper” by FiftyThree.

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