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When you run a shell script or some other process from NodeJs and want to get the output in a stream to a client, you can redirect or pipe the output from the process that originally outputs to stdout into your socketio stream.

NodeJs can do many things. It can even run things that it can’t do itself. For instance, I have a shell script that I don’t want to rewrite in Javascript, so I want my Node app to run the shell script. No problemo.

Have you ever tried to start up a local dev server and attach it to a port only to find that the port says it’s already in use. Here’s a quick way to find those zombies and kill ‘em good.

django-admin.py is a utility script that is used by django to start projects, etc. Sometimes, it seems that it’s available to me in the terminal. At other times, it melts away, unavailable. So, where is it, and how do I make it findable?