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Cross-Domain RequireJs Text

Through long-available browser quirks/features, javascript has been available for requests across disparate domains. But, other resources, such as text files (eg, handlebars templates) have had more restrictions placed on them. Recently, CORS support has enhanced the ability to make these requests. Here’s how you get your text files from another domain via requirejs.

XQuery Browser Language Detection

If you’ve created an internationalized website lately, you’ve probably implemented some sort of language chooser widget in your site ui to allow your users to indicate which language they would like to see content displayed in. What I often forget is that the user may have already made this indication previous to visiting your site, and you might be like to think about respecting their previously indicated preference.

Quick Bookmarks

For someone who spends mucho time daily on the interwebs, being able to jump around quickly is important – both for focused productivity and ADD-inducing web surfing. Bookmarks have long facilitated savings your place on the web for a future return, but there are a few enhancements to the regular vanilla bookmarks that have greatly added to my bookmark delight: 1) Bookmarks in the cloud and 2) Keywords/custom search engines.

Unexpected call to method or property access

In a recent admin tool I was creating, I was using SOUIT of Javascript… apparently more than I knew how to write well. Eventually, it all worked wonderfully – that is, until someone tried to use it in a lesser browser – Internet Explorer. The error was thus: