Tag: Communication

When Product & Developers Talk

Some product managers may see devs as a roadblock to getting good product. Some devs may view product as arbitrary and authoritarian. Without communication, early and often, it’s easy to see why these perceptions persist. Perhaps we can have better conversations instead.

Repeating Yourself

It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re asked to repeat yourself. We’ve been through this before. Why are we having this same conversation? But if someone else doesn’t get what you’re trying to say, it’s really not their fault.

Verbal Value Statements

Language is powerful. It’s super interesting to discern viewpoints based on language used. We make value statements all the time. Depending on how we view something, we’ll describe it differently. This is just as true in software and software dev as anything.

Slack Survival Guide

Slack is a fantastic tool. It allows always-on group chat in this spirit of Hipchat or Campfire or your friends’ group text thread that just won’t end. You can create channels, public or private, to suit your purpose. You can gather communities together to talk about specific things. Slack can become an invaluable source of communication and information for you and your teams. Without a bit of management and care, however, it can become a burden that distracts you from the essence of your work.

Why Log Your Issues

When you’re working on a software project, what’s the most important deliverable? Why, the software! It’s your eventual product. Along the way, however, there will be some things you can do that will make it more likely you successfully ship great software. One of those is logging issues. Here’s why you might want to do it.