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Here’s a quick conference review and some highlight bullets from some of my favorite parts. It was my first time going to Strange Loop. It was also host to the first Elm Conf ever. I was excited to go to both. I was looking for new, eclectic content to consider. I was not disappointed.

Remember that last time that you spoke at a conference and really felt like you had connected with your audience? You were able to keep them with you for the length of your journey. You felt like they grew and were enlightened with you. There’s a certain magic to that, and there’s also some deliberate thought you can give the experience that will help it happen more often.

Ng-Conf just happened last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was awesome. Oh blast, I blew the punch line. Anyway, here’s my take.

The sky lightens with the rising sun. Wheels are on the road. Friends are in the car. The leaves are changing on the towering Wasatch mountains. Finally, we pull up to the University of Utah Institute building. Stepping out of the car, the October air is fresh and clear, high in the Rockies. It’s a good day for a tech conference. It’s a good day for SORT.