Jake Trent

Tag: Confidence

We All Come From Humble Places

We all come from somewhere, often somewhere humble. Even from these humble beginnings, each of us as normal people can accomplish great things. So don’t discount yourself.

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Motivation Within You to Act

We find motivation in many ways. Some motivations will prove to be more reliable than others. There are barriers to start and keep going – to act. Sometimes looking within ourselves for motivation will be more helpful than other sources. We can be better able to put ourselves out there and make of our lives what we desire.

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Small Acts of Leadership: 12 Intentional Behaviors That Lead to Big Impact

There are things that each of us can do to show leadership in the role we’re already in. Title is not required to make a real change in ourselves or to have a real impact on the people, organizations, and efforts around us. This book reads like a series of standalone sections that have wonderful stories or illustrations to share compelling ways we can show leadership. The anecdotes are engaging and inspiring.

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Take a Chance on Yourself

When we are seeking a new position or an advancement in our current career path, we are asking others to take a chance on us. Hiring managers, peers, teams, whole companies are among those that we ask to take a chance on and trust us to do a new thing. Sometimes the most important person to convince in taking a chance on us is ourself.

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