Jake Trent

Tag: Continuous Delivery

The Software Change Funnel

As the software lifecycle progresses, imagine a funnel growing ever smaller. The funnel can help control potential changes as time goes forward. Changes are fewer. The goal of releasing value is preeminent.

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Continuous Delivery of a Static Site

Continuous delivery allows for you to release often what you are always developing. This is even possible on a static site where we might not be hiding in-development features but content and visual styles. Here is a strategy for doing that, executing in Hugo.

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This Isn't Your Magnum Opus

Sometimes it seems like we feel everything we produce must be our magnum opus – not just great work, but the great work of our career. Somehow we end up thinking that this thing we’re working on is the final act, the thing that will dwarf all our previous work. The thing that won’t – in fact, shouldn’t – be toppable. We tell ourselves that we’ll forever be judged by this one artifact. Is that the case? Probably not.

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