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I need daily inspiration to stay hopeful about the present and the future. Just like eating and fueling up daily, I acknowledge my daily reliance on God’s greater strength. I hope these inspired words are available to me in the moments I need to remember them – daily.

One day I mused to Jon: wouldn’t it be cool if you could embed secret messages in the hex values of a color scheme? Always one for a fun cipher, here is an imagining of what that might be like.

React gives us a great component abstraction. Each of these components represents a node in the DOM. Each component is self contained, doesn’t talk up the component hierarchy directly and passes explicit data and code down the hierarchy. But what about when you have a React app that wants to reach out and modify something it doesn’t control?

I heard a fantastic yesterday by Glen Maddern where Interoperable CSS was well-illustrated as the fantastic CSS language advancement that it is. I was happy to hear hushed ooo’s and ahh’s from the audience as they realized the power of what they were seeing. I have been enjoying the benefits of CSS modules myself and my team and would share some of my favorite features in hopes that others will be inclined to use this feature as well. Cleanse the world of global stylesheets!