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You build a product. Someone else builds a shared lib. You want to use the shared lib in your app for its apparent utility. There come new features that the product team wants to adjust and add to your product. The shared lib provides utility that is related to these new features but does not provide these new features per se.

Sometimes a table element is the most semantic element one can use in markup. It is true. If you’re displaying tabular data, a table is a likely option. If you’re on a responsive site, however, you’ll cringe at this option. It turns out that tables aren’t very responsive web design-friendly. One way to create a more responsive table is with scrolling.

The Agile method of software creation contains many principles of development that will help create good software. Some of my most successful projects have had as a key feature an agile designer. As Jobs said, design is how it works, and that means that to really deliver well in an agile environment, design and development have to be on the agile train together.

Have you ever showed up in the App Store looking for an app in a particular category and been overwhelmed at the number of choices present? This is certainly the case for the drawing and art app category. But, there is at least one art app that stands out clearly from the others: “Paper” by FiftyThree.

With the advent of mobile devices, tablets, and screens attached to your toaster, we as web developers – er, ninjas – can no longer be ok with creating markup and styles that only appear properly in a traditional desktop environment. Well, I guess we could, but we’d soon be defeated by much more gnarly ninjas. Based on work and ideas of the Unstoppable Robot Ninja himself, your css dexterity is sure to reach levels of cosmic explosion by reviewing just a few principles of responsive design.

I recently finished reading a great book by Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future. Naturally, I wanted to determine what my coming destiny was. I guess I already knew that if I painted the closet, I would be my wife’s hero and would get to enjoy some succulent dinner in order to recupe my energy. And I believe that in the (perhaps) distant future, unless I meet an unexpected end, we can all attain great reward and glory. But, in terms of a decade from now, wondering how my career would look and what kind of skills would be appreciable to employers, I picked up this book. How right-brained am I? And how does one go about ruling?