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Software Dev is Hard -- Don't Be Negative About It

Is negativism between developers the norm? Probably not, but it’s common. Do developers ever compliment each other? Yes, but it sometimes seems rare. When I step back, it does in fact seem that there is sometimes a noticeable wealth of negativism and a noticeable lack of complimenting. The nature of software and its developers may contribute. But we can overcome our challenges.

Engineering for Engineering's Sake

Software engineers are sometimes very, very prone to making things more complex than they need to be. In the engineer’s mind, “complex” can be replaced with the word “cool” (or some other amazing adjective). Such a mind has gotten lost, has lost sight of the fact that there exists a most-efficient path from the problem to the solution. Such a predicament is not uncommon – probably because of something physically wrong in the engineer’s mind; And because a certain amount of tinkering is usually required to begin work toward a solution. But, when one becomes enveloped in the problem and forgets about the priority of actually solving the problem, large, unrecognizable apparatus are concocted.