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Dan Lyons, laid off from his job as a satirist, joins a hot tech startup in Boston – Hubspot. He doesn’t like it. He finds much of it ridiculous. Most of his tone is ridiculing. It’s entertainment. A bit crude at times. Mixed with his entertaining view, some of it seems legitimately painful. There was apparently evidence at Hubspot of bad leadership, manipulation, and ill treatment of people.

When you feel you’re ready to quit your day job to pursue your dream job, think twice, and read this book.

How do you inform people of your next big idea? How do you motivate others to continue listening to you once you have their attention? In the age of the Internet, there are countless competitors in almost every space. To differentiate yourself, you’ll need to create something truly amazing. But that’s not enough. Get that product or service into the public eye, and engage the masses to take a look and spread the good word. Michael Hyatt shares how to build the platform upon which this process will happen.