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A Sad Cyclops Appears in the Wild

We can have a lot of fun at work. A lot of fun comes from our team unity and togetherness. Just fun and silly stuff can be in the service of that end. Sad cyclops is no different.

Make Your Project Fun

You work every day. It’s a part of life. It’s a good part of life, and you have the power to make it better. Ever since you were young child, you knew what the magic ingredient was: fun!

In Favor of Codenames

It seems to be a recurring discussion in the companies I have worked for: should we use a codename for this project or not? These are software projects. The codenames are used on things as basic as the repository name or slack channel. Later, they might be used in many other project-related things like the build server configuration. The alternative for a codename is calling the thing exactly what it is. Where’s the fun in that?

Have More Fun

You enjoy your work more when you’re having fun, right? I wouuld think that much would be obvious to us all. And yet, we need reminded now and again what really makes us tick. Whether our endeavor is serious or purely for entertainment; Whether the cause means a lot to us or we are just trying to pay the bills; We will do better and be happier in every case if we inject a whole lot of fun into our work.