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Greater Flexibility with Responsive Design

With the advent of mobile devices, tablets, and screens attached to your toaster, we as web developers – er, ninjas – can no longer be ok with creating markup and styles that only appear properly in a traditional desktop environment. Well, I guess we could, but we’d soon be defeated by much more gnarly ninjas. Based on work and ideas of the Unstoppable Robot Ninja himself, your css dexterity is sure to reach levels of cosmic explosion by reviewing just a few principles of responsive design.

Most Seamless Iframe

With few exceptions, it seems that when a developer puts a iframe on his page, he wants it to be seamless on his page. In other words, he doesn’t want the viewer to know that it’s actually an iframe. To that end, there are a couple of things you can do to make the iframe virtually invisible.

Remove Whitespace in Html with Javascript

Lots of websites give you the ability to copy certain pieces of text/code/something off their website in a “copy to clipboard”-type functionality. In the process of creating just such a function on a little page I was making, I wanted to make the html that was copied very tight and compact. The most annoying things were the whitespace and the newlines. Here’s some javascript to strip out the whitespace between xml/html tags.