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For APIs, it seems more and more data is making its way into the HTTP headers. Recently, whilst adding a Link header, for paging data, into the HTTP response, I realized that my browser code couldn’t see it. Who was the culprit? CORS, of course.

Spring is a great addition to your Java stack. It helps you access the request for inside your Spring beans easily. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but reading the request body seems blasted verbose after that. It takes a surprising amount of code.

Don’t you hate developing a blasted simple webpage that does some asynchronous requests that gets you into cross-origin policy trouble. If you just read a .html file off the file system, this will bite you. But, it’s easy to get around. Just host your .html file on a simple http server. And it’s easy to make that happen. Here’s one way.

If you’ve created an internationalized website lately, you’ve probably implemented some sort of language chooser widget in your site ui to allow your users to indicate which language they would like to see content displayed in. What I often forget is that the user may have already made this indication previous to visiting your site, and you might be like to think about respecting their previously indicated preference.