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Take a Chance on Yourself

When we are seeking a new position or an advancement in our current career path, we are asking others to take a chance on us. Hiring managers, peers, teams, whole companies are among those that we ask to take a chance on and trust us to do a new thing. Sometimes the most important person to convince in taking a chance on us is ourself.

Some Node Skills to Explore

We are hiring a bunch of Node.js developers at the moment. You may be as well. I’m sure you have a good list of skills that you’re looking for in developers that join your posse. Here are a few technical things I think about when getting the opportunity to sit down with a Node developer.

Be True to Your Heart

When you’re interviewing and are asked to share what you’re most interested in. You’d better know. You’d better be enthused about it. And don’t abandon it, or you’ll look insincere.