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Read Request Body in Spring Bean

Spring is a great addition to your Java stack. It helps you access the request for inside your Spring beans easily. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but reading the request body seems blasted verbose after that. It takes a surprising amount of code.

Custom Exception Handling for AccessDeniedException

Our app throws all sorts of exceptions. Well, it doesn’t usually. It shouldn’t normally. Er… But, when it does we want to put in some handling so that the app doesn’t blow up in some unsuspecting user’s face. And even then, sometimes we want special handling for certain exceptions and make sure others are just caught. And that’s what we’ll do with AccessDeniedException.

Calling Webservices in Java

In Java Land, everything is tied up in multiple layers of multi-colored wrapping paper. The abstraction often provides niceties and protections and convenience, etc. But, sometimes it practically makes you forget where you are. For instance, why would anyone write a little howto on requesting something over the web from the context of the web. That should be easy, right? Well, yes, I think so. And it turns out it is in Java, as it is in many other languages. It’s just that there you’re super close to the HTTP protocol all the time, and in many Java uber-frameworks, if you want to know how to break into the low-level operations, you have to know where the fire exit is.

Backbone and JAX-RS

BackboneJS is setup to do some pretty sweet single-page app action. And of course, a single page app will probably be wanting to talk to web services on the server. And if your server code is doing the Java jive, then a great way to expose your REST services is via JAX-RS. It’s as easy as Mikey singin’ ABC-123!

Stored Procedures in Spring Jdbc

In addition to some sweet Inversion of Control injection action, Spring brings flowers and baby deer. And it brings some nice database connection help. Spring JdbcTemplate is a vanguard of strength and ease for connecting to your favorite RDBMS. And it so happens that the DBA I’m working with right now digs the stored procs. So, we’ll meet in the middle with some more goodness born of Spring.

AES Encryption Odyssey in Java with Bouncy Castle

Recently, I’ve been working on a project where I’ve tried to use AES encryption for the first time. I didn’t have to implement it myself, thank goodness, but I still ran into a few snags. Perhaps you can avoid my pitfalls and rise to new greatness on the peaks of glory and fortitude! This article title sounds like a laundry detergent.

Java Encryption - Illegal Key Size

By default, Java has a limit on the length of your encryption key. The limit, by default 128-bit, seems a little small and dated. So, let’s break through that glass ceiling! With the hammer of Thor!

Generic Interfaces Arabian Magic

[flash bang!] Say words like generics, enums, or interfaces, and you’ve immediately transported to the realm of conjured whirlwind sandstorms and curved-sword-weilding assasins. Well, I guess we’re going there, because I think this is pretty cool. Plus, undocumented, or at least un-reiterated to myself, and later I’ll look at it and think it’s just pretty complicated. Prepare for angle brackets in the amount of parens in lisp.

Caching Ajax Requests in IE

Have you ever had a problem with ajax requests caching in Internet Explorer. I have, and recently I came across a nicer solution than I have traditionally used. In the past, I have used a unique parameter on the url to keep IE from caching previous requests to the same url, like so:

Django on Jython Intro

Here is a “new and shiney” presentation for running Django on Jython. It’s based on my experiences with the DjangoJython tutorial.

As is discussed in the slide deck, and hence the subtitle of the presentation, much could be helped by more careful reading of documentation. Well, moments ago, I decided that I hadn’t checked out django-jython 1.1. Well…. turns out many more problems could have been helped by using this later version. Sweet!