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When a person looks at an Xquery module import, … um, sorry… he usually gets distracted by something else before he can get to the semicolon at the end of the statement. They’re seriously long! Few are the files in which one-line imports adhere to an 80 character width limit. Read on for my other Martin Luther-spirited grievances.

Sometimes you want Maven to compile your code with a different JDK than is the one assigned to your JAVA_HOME. For instance, I have code in a project that I’m working on that only compiles on Java 1.5. My JAVA_HOME, however, is 1.6. So, how do we specify the JDK for Maven?

Debugging time is a blessed time in one’s day where the hotkeys for continue, step into, step over, and others often grace the pads of the programmer’s fingers. This can be quite a rewarding experience. Now ponder on the disappointment that materializes on the programmer’s crestfallen brow when the step into button is pressed and upon the screen displays the all-descriptive and utterly useless “/** compiled code */“. Maven mixed with IntelliJ to the rescue – download the sources!