Tag: Networking

When you connect to a remote server, you’re connecting over ssh or scp or a similar protocol. In each case, you may have to provide some authentication credentials to prove you are who you say you are. This can come in the form of a user/password combo, but if you’re connecting a lot or if you’re trying to setup a non-interactive connection, this can become either really monotonous or really problematic. Public/private keys will come to our rescue, and we’ll never need to enter our password again.

When you setup your computer at the time of your initial Ubuntu installation, you assign your computer a hostname. In my case, I gave it a hostname and then later wanted to change it to something else. This is accomplished in two easy steps.

I had some fun this morning when the headless box that I’m ssh’ing into to do test app runs randomly changed IP address. My goal was to find it on the network from my local box. To my rescue: a cool tool called nmap.

Have you ever wanted to map to a remote drive or mount a samba share on Linux? The commands a really easy, and they’re chronicled here.

I wanted to count packets coming back and forth while telnet’ing to test out some different email protocols on our mail server and found this nifty little utility: it’s called EtherApe. Supposedly it’s a clone of Etherman, which, if it has clones, probably costs money.