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Deploy create-react-app to Heroku on Node.js

Create-react-app is Facebook’s no-config solution to starting a React project. This setup does not support a server out of the box. You can create that easily enough. Node.js can be a good choice for your app server. Once it’s made and functioning, you might want to deploy your static app and app server. Here’s a few tips on getting them up onto Heroku.

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Handle Errors in a Node App

As with any software, here you can expect the unexpected. Node apps experience errors as well. Let’s say that an error crops in our Node API – what should we do about it?

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Console.log Deep Objects

With deep object structures, console.log can leave you wondering what’s down in the depths of the objects you’re printing out. Here’s a quick help from Node stdlib.

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Some Node Skills to Explore

We are hiring a bunch of Node.js developers at the moment. You may be as well. I’m sure you have a good list of skills that you’re looking for in developers that join your posse. Here are a few technical things I think about when getting the opportunity to sit down with a Node developer.

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List Npm Scripts

Tools for storing and then later easily running scripts alias names are awesome. Npm is one of those tools. Rake is another. Rake has a cool feature of allowing you to list the scripts available to you. Npm has not – until now.

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Access NodeJs App on Xip.io

Xip.io is a DNS wildcard domain that was initially created for use on Ruby projects. But its application is desirable across platforms. Recently, I wanted to use Xip.io on a NodeJs project. It was easy to make happen.

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