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Tag: Npm

Change Default NPM License

Npm has a fantastic init tool for creating the descriptor for your project. It will gladly provide defaults for you. These are sometimes helpful. Wouldn’t it be more better to define your own defaults?

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List Npm Scripts

Tools for storing and then later easily running scripts alias names are awesome. Npm is one of those tools. Rake is another. Rake has a cool feature of allowing you to list the scripts available to you. Npm has not – until now.

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Npm Install Local Files

Sometimes you’ll want to use npm to install a package that doesn’t exist in the official npm registry for some reason. Maybe you’re developing the package yourself. Maybe it’s an internal use-only package. Maybe the package writer never published it. Here are a few ways to install a local package with npm.

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GruntJs Access to package.json

Have you used GruntJs to build your JavaScript project yet? It’s a great tool. Often as a part of the build configuration, you’ll want to access your package.json with grunt. Grunt has some built-in support for this. Some bits can be a little tricky, and some plugins have limited support. Here are some ways around all that.

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