Tag: Passion

You, Inc. was an enjoyable read. It felt like skimming through the microblog of an Internet author who had collected a bunch of good aphorism and anecdotes on how to present oneself, conduct business or find happiness. My favorite tidbit, which I’ve found in Derek Siver’s decidedly better summary, is this:

“Do what you love. The money may follow and please you. The money may follow but pleases you less than you expected. The money may follow but pleases you only briefly. (Maslow said humans are only capable of temporary satisfaction. Once something satifies us, we move on to our next unsatisfied desire.) The money may not follow, which might disappoint you. But if you’re doing what you love, you will have loved what you’ve been doing. That will satisfy you so deeply that the result must either be called success or recognized as something even more enriching.”

That is a great example of the pithy thoughts that were gathered together in this book. The title could potentially be misleading. It was not droll or narcissistic. ([whew!] well at least there’s that!)

It seems to be a recurring discussion in the companies I have worked for: should we use a codename for this project or not? These are software projects. The codenames are used on things as basic as the repository name or slack channel. Later, they might be used in many other project-related things like the build server configuration. The alternative for a codename is calling the thing exactly what it is. Where’s the fun in that?

When you’re interviewing and are asked to share what you’re most interested in. You’d better know. You’d better be enthused about it. And don’t abandon it, or you’ll look insincere.