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Writing Jquery Plugins

Jquery has made developing javascript fun and enjoyable. It is a fantastic library that essentially allows the creation of library extensions on top of it via plugins. Jquery plugins are surprisingly easy to write and elegant to read and use. Here are a few tips on where to find good plugin candidates, design principles for plugins, and an outline of the basic structure that I have found most useful when writing plugins.

Jquery Plugin: readmore

Jquery plugins are a joy to use, and they are surprisingly easy to write. Everyone that writes lots of Jquery code should seek to take potentially-resuable functionalities of code and put them into a nice, compact plugin. In the app I’ve been working on, we have a lot of user-generated content that we don’t limit the length on, so it can grow very large. To combat this, there is the UI pattern on the site that there is a “read more” link available to show the remaining text for the long-winded texts, while just showing a snippet otherwise. This exists everywhere, for lots of different content; hence, the “readmore” plugin was born.

Jquery Plugin: safesubmit

Jquery gives a great, easy-to-use mechanism for extending its API and creating your own plugins. For stuff that looks like it could be useful generally, you should really try to put it into a nice little plugin package. For submit buttons, there is a general thought that they shouldn’t be clicked twice (especially for functions such as financial transactions), so I created a plugin that fits an app that I have been working on recently, where there are many, many submit buttons, saving very granual pieces of content through ajax requests.