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Join Captain Phillips off the Somali coast on your very own container ship. It’s so much yours, in fact, that the very React and Redux implementations that drive it are custom-coded in your own hand. This is a fun little game. More importantly, it was an opportunity to illuminate some of the core concepts of React+Redux by reimplementing parts of them from scratch. A future course will expand on this subject and can be found at CodeUrOwn.com.

Your code running too fast? Do you just want a timing offset for some reason? If you have a long-running, complicated action that you’re running already, it’s likely you’re using the fantastic redux-saga. Here’s a way to pause execution with a redux-saga-managed action.

Dan Abramov coined the terms Smart and Dumb components. Later, he called them Container and Presentational components. I still call them Smart and Dumb. It’s shorter and sits in my mind easier. How do you identify them? Why would you want a separation? What might that separation look like? Here are a few ideas.