Jake Trent

Tag: Ruby

Ruby CLI Options Parsing

Ruby’s stdlib never ceases to amaze. If you’re making a CLI tool in Ruby, your efforts are made more straightforward by the existence of the OptionParser class. Use it, and let happiness fill your heart.

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Set Cookie on Rack Mock Request

Rack apps are generally straightforward to test because of their very basic public interface. But where do we put specific things, in this case, a cookie for the request, on that env argument it takes? Here’s one way.

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Permit Array in Rails Strong Parameters

Rails 4 introduced the pattern of strong parameters at the controller layer. As a best practice, you will explicitly list the parameters that an endpoint should accept in payloads. Arrays are specified just slightly different.

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Exercism Review

Exercism.io is a fantastic site and tool that provides a wealth of daily code exercises. If you want to learn to be better in a language, it’s a great resource to do exercises and receive feedback.

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Debug Ruby and Rails

Interactive debugging can sometimes be faster and more effective in helping you code than a puts statement. It’s easy to get interactive debugging in Ruby or on Rails with the help of a nice gem.

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